About Whale Beach

Sydney Suburb, or Secluded Summer Sojourn? Whale Beach, New South Wales

The township of Whale Beach, New South Wales, may seem to be struggling with identity. Is this a more-remote suburb of bustling Sydney, or is this a quiet beach town that welcomes holidaymakers with open arms? The truth is that Whale Beach is both of these things.

No one knows for sure why the town was named Whale Beach. Colloquial wisdom holds that the name was earned when a whale beached here in the early 19th century, while others maintain that the shape of the headlands provides the moniker. In either case, Whale Beach has become a near-ideal holiday location in present times. The proximity to Sydney makes Whale Beach easy to reach; the prime surfing ensures adequate supplies of holiday rental homes will be available, yet the relative seclusion of the entire area provides the elusive “get-away-from-it-all” that we need when on holiday.

Activities in Whale Beach

Holidaymakers in Whale Beach have an array of choices for spending their time. Watersports enthusiasts will no doubt have already heard about the surfing opportunities here. Beach conditions allow for average wave heights of 1.67 meters, with one bar cut by three to four rips. The Whale Beach Wedge is a legendary surf break at the northern end of the beach that draws many talented surfers for a challenge.

Bathers will be best served by sticking to the saltwater rock pool at the southern end of the beach. Alternatively, swimming in the surf provides more challenge, as long as you stay between the flags. Swimmers should exercise additional caution near the rocks at each end of the beach, as the rip currents can be stronger here. When you’re done swimming, head back to your rental accommodation, shower off the sand, and head to the next activity.

Traveling with an angler? Fishing opportunities are outstanding here. The Ovens is a rock formation at Whale Beach that will prove whether or not you’re a dedicated fisherman. The first challenge is reaching the stone platform. This involves either a long walk around, or a climb down a steep path that ends in a 5 to 10 meter rock climb / abseil to reach the platform. As if this weren’t challenge enough, your next task is to ensure you have enough room to fish – this is a popular spot! Watch out for waves and backwash, and use the buddy system to ensure safety. If you’ve passed all the challenges, then you have the opportunity for an excellent catch of snapper, mullaway, kingfish, salmon, and large tuna. It’s a great reward for the risk you took getting there!
After the day is done, and before you retire to your rental home or villa, it’s time for a nice dinner. There are several outstanding eateries at Whale Beach, including Jonah’s and Moby’s. Though the names are predictable enough for establishments on Whale Beach, the fare is outstanding and varied, and sometimes comes with a show. Dolphin and whale sightings from the balconies of local establishments (and even from your accommodations, if you’ve chosen a good location) are relatively common in season.

Be Ready for the Season

The temperatures in Whale Beach will not disappoint summertime holidaymakers. The climate cooperates with your pastimes, and is just perfect for a watersports destination. In December through February, expect daytime temps in from 26 to 27 degrees C, with night temperatures dropping to a sleep-friendly 18-20 degrees. If you make the trip in wintertime, June through August highs are 17 – 19 degrees, with nighttime lows of 8-9 degrees C.

Make the Trip

Planning your holiday can be quite stress free. Getting to Whale Beach from the UK is not difficult at all. Remember that, as with any holiday, your choice of holiday rental home is most important – consider location, amenities, and costs. Book your holiday accommodations first, and then move on with the remainder of the trip preparation.

All major air carriers have multiple daily departures from all London area airports to Sydney. After your arrival in Sydney, hire a car, and enjoy the coastal scenery on the one-hour drive to Whale Beach.